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We promote and advance girl’s education through “Learning Beyond The Classroom Initiative”

Girls are empowered for academic success, social skills and leadership skills through character building and mentoring that leads to independent responsible young women.

To meet this need and bridge the gap, the organization provides secondary schools in the community meaningful assistance through “Learning Beyond the Classroom Initiative,” which has five programs:

  1. Co-curricular School Program (Girls club)
  2. Summer Leadership Program and
  3. Scholarship Scheme
  4. Response to COVID-19 – Empowerment Day 2021 care pack initiative at Agege Lagos, Nigeria
  5. Ending Menstrual Poverty – Charity event 2022 at Agege Lagos, Nigeria

Co-Curricular School-Based Program

The Girl’s club is a socio-academic club that is student-centred and focused. It is a dynamic opportunity designed to support the development of character building that leads to academic success, a positive self-image and the development of young women in order to foster a sense of empowerment in them. We believe our girls need to be taught what authentic character is, before, they can identify unacceptable behaviour. Co-Curricular School Program life-cycle is 3 years. This is a school mentoring program that runs weekly throughout the academic year.

Summer Leadership Camp

The Summer Leadership Camp program is a program that runs during the summer holiday for four weeks, and it is geared towards the following objectives:

  • Empowering public school girls and bridging the gap between their private school counterparts
  • Make summer holidays valuable to students, thus positively impacting the girls within the community. Summertime is a time when students are at risk of engaging in unsafe activities. Most of these students are left unsupervised by parents who are  having their own economic challenges

The essence of camp includes the following:

  • Girls acquire a broad range of academic, social and emotional skills to equip them for success
  • Have structured opportunities for enriching experiences in a safe environment
  • Provide a safe environment for the girls and lead them away from roaming the streets and exposing themselves to danger and unsafe activities

Response to COVID-19 – Empowerment Day 2021 care pack initiative at Agege Lagos, Nigeria

In July 2021, OGAV was proud to successfully hold our empowerment program – Blooming in Adversity

An initiative catered to 1500 girls in Lagos (Education District 1 – Agege, District 3 – lkoyi and District 4 – Surulere), providing care packs and educational materials.


Ending Menstrual Poverty – Charity event 2022 initiative at Agege Lagos, Nigeria

On August 1st, 2022, OGAV successfully completed the distribution of reusable pads to over 1000+ adolescent girls and provided boys and parents with training and education on girls’ menstrual maintenance. Together, these provide a sustainable solution and sustainable support system, respectively.

The event was our first full in-person event as we emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, and was a successful one too!

Event highlights are included below:

News Article covering the event