What We Do

We are passionate about nurturing, empowering and mentoring girls. So we teach, encourage and mentor them to:


Dreams drive each of us. Whether you want to be a doctor, teacher, or an artist your ambition can become a reality with the right mind set.


We empower students with the tools and virtues to excel. We offer six initiatives – Career Guidance, Skill development, Academic skills, Character education, Life coaching and Leadership development for a three year mentoring and nurturing program. These are holistic approach that is impactful to empower the girls and the culture of their school by making a difference


OGAV runs a student centered focus groups (club) and summer leadership camp through our Learning beyond the classroom initiative. We are a community building people that is preparing a community of girls within the school for successful career and life that can in turn change the community positively.

We do this through our initiatives – ‘Empowerment Learning Series’ and ‘Learning beyond the Classroom’

We mentor, nurture and empower girls in our community through our initiative – Empowerment Learning series for girls and young women. This is carried out throughout the year.

Spring Event 

Mother Daughter Event– building relationships to foster better academic achievements and social skills with the girls. This event is a celebration of International women’s day, fulfilling our mission for the empowerment of girls and young women and mentorship.

Fall Event -

Career (STEM) Exploration -  Preparing girls for careers in the 21st century global economy. Girls are empowered with knowledge and are exposed to the different opportunities available to them in the community.


OGAV outreach to the community in December to support –

Women in shelter

Families in our communities through religious organisations

Young women with developmental disabilities