Mission & Vision


To develop independent, responsible, young girls through character building, mentorship, and acquisition of Knowledge, skills and ethics needed to thrive in the 21st century global economy.


To nurture and empower girls, using a holistic approach, to become leading young women of society and in turn impact the community positively.

Strategic Directions:

  • Form strong and effective relationships, partnerships and network with girls in secondary schools within the community
  • Provide environments that are safe, nurturing, positive and respectful
  • Build leadership within a culture of adaptability, openness and resilience
  • Establish academic social programs that offer academic and co-curricular choices such as school STEM club and summer STEM club for girls.
  • Look for opportunities for our girls to enter into both national and international competitions
  • Support economically disadvantaged girls financially through bursary and scholarships towards undergraduate post-secondary destinations, STEM undergraduate students, and STEM post-graduate young women students.
  • Create a safe and inclusive space where girls can learn about cyber-safety, participate in hands-on activities and workshops, and collaborate on projects. Invite local cyber-safety experts and professionals to speak and share their experiences.